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Why April Fools' Day is celebrated on April 1st

Origins in Ancient Festivals

April Fools' Day can also have roots in historic Roman gala's like Hilaria, which worried masquerades and practical jokes.

Evolution from Calendar Changes

Some characteristic the way of life to the adoption of the Gregorian calendar inside the sixteenth century. Before this change, the new yr became celebrated around overdue March or early April.

Continued Celebration

Even after the calendar change moved the brand new yr to January 1st, a few people endured to have a good time in April.

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Global Tradition

April Fools' Day has grow to be a extensively celebrated lifestyle in many countries.

Harmless Pranks

On April 1st, people play harmless pranks on friends, family, and coworkers, often saying "April Fools!" to indicate the joke is in good fun.

Cultural Variations

While April Fools' Day is well known in many nations, the customs and traditions surrounding it is able to range widely.

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