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Neuralink - Cutting-edge technology for the mind

Smart Brain Tech: Lab to Your Home

Devices that connect the brain to computers can make life better. We aim to bring this technology from labs to your homes.

Mind-Controlled Tech for Paralysis

We're working on helping people with paralysis use their thoughts to control computers and phones.

The Hidden Power of Our Brain Device

Our brain-computer device is hidden, goes inside you, and lets you control a computer or phone wherever you are.

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Wireless Power Anywhere

The N1 Implant runs on a small battery that charges wirelessly using a compact charger from the outside, making it convenient to use from anywhere.

Neuralink's Custom Chips

Specialized chips process brain signals with low power and send them wirelessly to the Neuralink app. The app turns these signals into actions and intentions.

N1 Implant's Thin Threads

The N1 implant captures brain activity using 1024 electrodes spread across 64 flexible and ultra-thin threads.

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