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Meet the Finalists of Roadies Current Season

Gang Gautam’s Prakram Dandona becomes the first finalist; Piyu and Pallavi get eliminated

The Fierce Competition Begins

Prakram Dandona, a charismatic and strong-willed member of Gang Gautam, stood out as a frontrunner from the beginning.

Prakram's Remarkable Journey

Throughout the season, Prakram proved himself as a versatile Roadie. His physical prowess and strategic thinking earned him victories in several challenging tasks.

The First Finalist

As the competition intensified, Prakram Dandona's consistency and determination paid off. In a nail-biting semi-final task, he secured his spot as the first finalist of Roadies 19.

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The Bittersweet Eliminations

While Prakram was riding high on his victory, the elimination rounds brought a sense of anxiety and tension. Unfortunately, the journey ended for two contestants, Piyu and Pallavi.

Emotional Farewells

The eliminations were an emotional moment for both Piyu and Pallavi. Tears flowed as they bid farewell to their fellow contestants, mentors, and the Roadies journey.

The Road Ahead

With Prakram Dandona securing his place as the first finalist, Roadies 19 entered its final phase. The remaining contestants faced even tougher challenges and fierce competition as they aimed to join Prakram in the grand finale.

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