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Is it the most hated movie in Bollywood?

Adipurush, the mega movie made under the budget of INR 600 Crore. What will happen in the future if this film is how today's youth learn about the Valmiki Ramayana?

Poor VFX

The film's VFX isn't the only thing holding it back. The use of visual effects is noticeably improved here. The biggest problem is with the way that it has been portrayed. Raavan dresses like an Islamic totalitarian ruler.

Rama’s Introduction is not captivating

Rama's pitiful introduction is only the beginning. Various computer-generated monsters appear and attack Shree Ram.

Not impressed with CGI

Saif Ali Khan is shown to us in full CGI form, including walking. He might have ten heads hovering above a computer-generated body.

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Viewers say it is programmed

The character of Shree Ram is depicted as acting very much like a robot that has been preprogrammed to do so. I can't connect any of the characters in this film to their Ramayana counterparts.

Misrepresentation of facts

Rama kills Ravan, but how did he know to aim for his belly? How come Ravan didn't challenge Rama after this? The movie's core flaw is that it spends three hours building up to a 30-minute CGI climax that you don't care about, which prevents you from caring about any of the characters.

Language is criticised by many

The conversations are pitiful. They're speaking in slang amongst themselves. The conversation will progress from Shudhh Hindi to slang without warning. "jalegi tere baap ki," "Lanka laga denge," and "ye teri bua ka bageecha hai ki tu tehelne aa gaya" are all expressions that Hanuman ji employs.

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